Result Day Analysis

2017/18 Results Day Analysis

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Tiny TrackerResults day is fast approaching. At exactly 7:30am, on Tuesday July 10, you will receive your Key Stage 2 pupil test results and you will INSTANTLY be able to analyse your data with Educater's analysis reports. No wait, no delay, and fully INTERACTIVE, it's all there for you at a touch of a button.

Costing a maximum of £125 for a complete reports day package, you can instantly access filterable reports that allows you to remove certain groups and discounts from your data, so that your data is not skewed by extreme outliers or late comers. Our analysis reports provide headline figures as well as pupil level results and progress estimates.

Key features of Educater's school analysis reports

  • Analytics LogoAnalysis of all statutory data including Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2.
  • Analytics LogoA contextual page with all the crucial data on your groups including EAL, Pupil Premium, SEN.
  • Analytics LogoFully interactive reports that can remove Integrated Resource (IR) and discounts instantly.
  • Analytics LogoScatter plots identify outliers from Key Stage 1 to Key Stage 2.
  • Analytics LogoEasy-to-navigate reports enable drilling down to individual pupil level.

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