Pupil Password

One-page Pupil Passports communication tool for schools

Pupil PassportPupil Passport creates a one-page pupil profile which brings the individual to the centre of the EHCP and outlines to everyone how best to support them.

What is a one-page Pupil Passport?

Pupil Passport is an online person-centred communication tool that allows you to discern the learning needs of pupils by them expressing their views and opinions through an online portal, ensuring that everyone is able to engage with them in a more pupil-centred and meaningful way, through their active one-page pupil profiles.

The pupil passport provides a great way of knowing what really matters to each pupil and can be adapted when necessary as they move through their learning journey. A one-page pupil profile captures all of the important information about a pupil on a single sheet of paper under three simple headings: ‘What people appreciate about me’, ‘What’s important to me’ and ‘How best to support me’.

By providing a central focal point for pupils, Educater Pupil Passport helps to ensure that their outcomes are closely monitored and that each individual pupil is placed at the very heart of communication.

Pupil Passport

How can Pupil Passport’s one-page profile benefit your school?

  • Pupil Passport creates a live one-page profile which can be accessed at anytime, anywhere.
  • In addition to creating one-page profiles, Pupil Passport allows schools to create personalised behaviour and learning profiles using their own templates.
  • Places the pupil at the centre of the EHCP and IEP. Pupil Passport ensures that everyone knows how to best support the pupil.
  • We recognise that different pupils like to communicate in different ways and Educater Pupil Passport accommodates this. Teachers and support staff can enter information on behalf of their pupils and they can even record their wishes and feelings.
  • Manages your time and workload. A pupil passport can be created in moments, saving both teachers’ and SENCOs’ valuable time.
  • As well as being able to access Pupil Passport on tablets and smartphones, staff can also print an up-to-date profile whenever required.
  • The Pupil Passport was built with simplicity in mind. Users can navigate around the passport with ease.

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